Essey is the story not of the evolution of design but rather of an evolution in design.

In the world of nature shapes are defined by their function, it forms the very essence of our natural world. In the world of design, shapes often only bear slight resemblance to their function, if at all. How many times have we looked at something and wondered what it is, or what it is used for? The world of design is not always in harmony with the world of nature and it is this imbalance that needs to be corrected.

The belief of Essey founder John Brauer, that function should be representative of natural form, is at the very core of the company and is at the heart of its design philosophy - Symbolic Functionalism.

From 1.September, 2016, Essey will be fully operated and distributed worldwide by Klein&More, Hamburg, Germany.


John Brauer

Born in 1960 John Brauer travels all over the world - exploring, working, visiting and collecting in-depth impressions of different cultures as he seeks inspiration for his designs.

A graduate in Architecture from KEA School of Design and Technology in Copenhagen, John also holds an MBA in Innovation from the Danish Technological University. During his career he has worked with communication, product and graphic design for companies in Germany and Scandinavia.

His original style is expressed through deep involvement and a quest for new values. His first commercial consumer design was his Move table for Paustian in 1992.

Tarmo Likki

Designer of Fly Fly -flyswatter (1989) Tarmo Likki is a finnish autodidact designer. Since 1979 Tarmo Likki has designed and manufactured leather products such like shoulder bags, rug sacks, foot wear. In 1989 designed and started the production of Fly Fly -flyswatter. In 2005 sold his company.


Good Design Award

With its newly developed wastebasket, Bin Bin, the Danish design company Essey has won the “Good design Award” 2005 in Japan.

Red Dot award, Germany

Bin Bin from the Danish design company Essey received the “red dot” design award 2007 for superior design quality.

IF-product design award, Germany

The German Industry Forum IF, awarded Bin Bin for outstanding design quality.

Highly commended Best New Product

Illusion, the new side table from Essey, was awarded and highly commended Best New Product at Top Drawer in London, 2007.