Is it design or is it art?

‘I’m not really sure’ … says John Brauer, designer of the Illusion table; ‘perhaps functional art’. The Illusion table is magical, each an original piece handmade in Germany. The owner of an Illusion table can be sure there isn’t another identical product in the world – all Illusion tables are certified unique.

Shhhh ….. Let the products speak

Essey products don’t need an introduction they speak for themselves. Don’t be in a hurry, take a moment, slow down, relax and let the products speak to you.

Always a new experience, every day

Essey products are an investment in the unique and extraordinary.  Designs from Essey are a symbolic metaphor of their function.

Awarded designs

Essey have received international acknowledgement from the most distinguee design awards: Red Dot design award, IF design award, Good Design Award and honorable mentions from around the world. In Italy, the Illusion table has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful objects and will be buried as a cultural heritage for 100 years in a dedicated park.